Montenegro Cities

Montenegro is covered with towns that were developed through the centuries. Although they may look alike at first sight, once you get to know them a bit better, with their tradition and customs, they can bring out the curiosity in everyone who wishes to search them in more detail.

As Montenegro is divided into three regions: coastal, central and mountain, each one of them gave some special taste to its towns.

The coastal towns create an impression of the sleeping beauties that don't lose any of their beauty despite the centuries long sleep. Rich in architectural details from the ancient times, as well as in the buildings that can't leave one indifferent, with the whisper of the waves these towns invite you to come back again.

The towns of the central region are rich in historical and cultural monuments and tell the stories of the glorious victories against the armies that tried to occupy these regions. The contemporary spirit can be noted all around and it contributes to the development of these economic and cultural centers into the real tourist metropolis.

Towns in the northern part of Montenegro are dedicated to the development of winter tourism and this commitment is more obvious every day. These small towns, with their specific charm and mountain architecture, small rural households and healthy food are becoming increasingly attractive for the tourists.

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